Alware 2-Axis Brushless Giimbal Controller Board + IMU (V2.2)
Model: ALBGCV22
Market Price
USD $65

-Used for Senrigan GP-25/ 35/ 45 or other Brushless Gimbals.
-Pre-programmed with v2.2 firmware (cannot be upgraded)
-Controller Board Weight: 12.6g
-IMU Weight: 2.2g (with cable)

Item Included:
1x Alware 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Board + IMU (V2.2)
1x Micro MPU 6050 IMU

Tuning Software:

GUI Firmware V2.2b2:


Note: about brushless gimbals & Controllers
Brushless gimbals and controllers are very new to the market and is an emerging technology. You will need some patience and effort to get it to work as seen on youtube. THIS IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE!

You will need some understanding of Microsoft windows drivers, software settings and tuning the gimbal software to your liking and to suit your multirotor.